Partner with us
Affinity has forged many successful partnerships since inception. Our knowledge, expertise and flexible approach makes us an ideal partner.
White Label Co-Branding Affiliates
We can provide a complete white label solution for most services.

Our experience, expertise and attention to detail means we will cover every eventuality and your clients need never know we are the people delivering the service. 

We would invoice you every month for all your client accounts and you would then invoice them directly at whatever price you have agreed.

We can work with you to create a co-branded service. 

Co-branding allows you to combine the strength of two brands, proving beneficial for both parties; it often increases customer confidence and the overall credibility of the service being promoted. 

We can co-brand everything from websites to the invoices which are sent to clients.

Depending on the services you wish to promote, we can provide you with a unique URL to promote and any sales or leads generated as a result of your efforts will be automatically tracked. 

You could promote your URL on your website, in emails, newsletters or on social networking sites. We would pay you an agreed % for any business generated from your URL.